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Workout at Home

In-Home Personal Training

For those who have a workout space or home equipment and want to save travel time, this is the perfect arrangement. I can also coach your household in a small group session. I will bring portable equipment with me as needed. 

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Outdoor Training

Enjoy working out in a park or outdoor space convenient for you. It's refreshing and allows for more athletic development through activities like recreational games or cardio.

Working Out with a Pilates Ball
Home Fitness

Online Training

No matter where you live, you can set up online sessions via Zoom to work out with professional guidance and feedback from me. I can help you remotely set up a daily fitness routine and offer nutritional advice. It doesn't get much easier than the comfort of your own home.


Nutrition Guidance

One thing is for sure: starvation and fad diets may work for a little while, but if you want to see lasting results, you need to make lasting changes. I can help you love nutrition and reap the rewards of a truly healthy lifestyle.

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Child Physiotherapy

Post-Rehab Training

Injuries can hamper the progress you've made. Learning how to tap into my Z-Health knowledge, coupled with my physical training, allows you to get back to where you were without missing a stride.

post rehab

Teen Physical Training

A healthy lifestyle should be practiced as young as possible. It's important to find out what motivates a teenager, creating positive habits and learning how to exercise safely. I can help your teen gain strength and confidence. 

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Postural Retraining

Most of us have jobs that require us to be seated for hours, which can lead to poor posture. This can result in back and neck pain, tension, and headaches. Working on strengthening the weak muscles and stretching the tight ones, in addition to addressing eye strain, I can help you correct your posture and feel better.

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Life Is Meant to Be Lived

Learn how to make easy updates to your daily life that will make true change and vitality yours.

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